Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Be Continued...

According to the sidebar, this blog is about Clark and me "navigating the unfamiliar territory of blending our two families, while at the same time finding our place as a half-closeted gay couple in a small Utah town." Several months ago it became clear to us that we had very different ideas of what our place in this small Utah town should be, exactly how much we wanted to blend our families, and what it means to be a gay couple, half-closeted or otherwise. We had already moved in together, though, and there was still a lot of good in our relationship that neither of us wanted to give up. So we worked for months to find ways to compromise, to build a relationship that met both of our needs. Ultimately, we have decided to accept that we are at very different places in life and have very different needs. At this point in time, our goals are not compatible.

So we're taking a break. We will continue to be friends and we will continue to be housemates--me in my room upstairs and he in his room downstairs--at least through the end of our rental contract, and possibly longer. He and I both have a good track record when it comes to maintaining friendships with exes, and at least for right now it makes most sense for both of us to stay where we are.

Meanwhile, I'm going to take a break from this blog. I'm not going to call it more than "taking a break" right now because I find it's best to never say never. I will likely return to blogging at some point, because I always do, but when I do I'll probably start a new blog. This blog has been about Clark and me, and that particular story seems to be coming to an end. When I have a new story to tell, I'll find a new place to tell it. And I hope that my friend Clark will tell me all about the new stories that unfold in his life.