Friday, August 10, 2012

Exploding Heads Revisited

     This is Clark, in my first attempt at a blog post. Being a private person, writing a personal blog is something I've never really shown interest in. But I believe that a key to building a successful relationship is the ability to show interest in things that are important to the other person.  I know that Mr. Fob enjoys blogging, and so from time to time I hope to write a post here to show that I am willing to share that interest with him.

     I have started this post several times, but have struggled to know what to write about. Some things feel too personal for me to share, and other things seem rather trivial. I finally turned to Mr. Fob’s  blog, The Fobcave, and looked at one of the first posts there.  In that post Mr. Fob reflects on his feelings about his religion by sharing the following quote:

"If you live in a closed belief system of certainty, resistance to new information is intense, and the breakthrough feels like death. You feel as if your head might explode." --Alan Jones, Reimagining Christianity: Reconnect Your Spirit Without Disconnecting Your Mind

     When I read this quote, I think of all the changes in my life over the last year, and I wonder how my head hasn’t exploded! A lot of people in my situation get upset at family and friends not being as supportive as they “should be.”  I admit, I wish my family were more supportive than they have been. At the same time, change is hard. My family has been living in a closed belief system.  I know that the changes in my life have presented them with new ideas to deal with. Accepting these ideas may indeed feel like death itself.  My patience with them comes from me understanding this is a big change for them too. Change is hard. Their heads must feel as if they are exploding.  I hope that time will help them deal with the discord with their beliefs and my reality.  One day they may have a change of heart, as the barber does in this video clip.

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