Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Setting the Record Gay

As you may have heard, some nasty rumors have been going around about my boyfriend. Specifically, that he's been seen kissing Wonder Woman. Or rather, his alter ego has. I want to reassure all my loyal A Fob in Smallville readers that Clark is not, in fact, cheating on me. The fling with Wonder Woman is a PR thing, really. Gets people talking about the Justice League, maybe results in more funding for the team, yadda yadda yadda. And I understand, he's just doing his job. Do I feel threatened? Not in the least. Sure, she's the living embodiment of female perfection, but Clark's about as interested in her as... well... about as much as she's interested in him. What, you thought Wonder Woman was straight? Don't be ridiculous. The woman was raised on an island populated solely by women, didn't even meet a man until she was in her twenties. Her being attracted to men is about as likely as you being attracted to a Martian.

So no need to worry about me and Clark. We're good. Go about your business.

See? I'm secure enough that I can post this image on my blog.

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