Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Those who follow my Facebook updates (and really I think of this blog as sort of an extension of Facebook) know that I am doing something new every day this year. Although today is the seventh (actually, because it's the seventh), I am thinking of the number six today, so here are six of my favorite New Things from over the past six months:

  1. In February, I went to a Superbowl party for the first time. After the half-time show I kept catching myself humming "Like a Prayer." I felt horribly embarrassed that I couldn't stop myself, but Clark just found it amusing. This was our sixth date.
  2. In March, Clark and I took a trip to Las Vegas. We did several New Things there, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I'm not allowed to talk about those things publicly.
  3. In April, we walked the full length of the Provo River Trail, from Vivian Park to Utah Lake. 
  4. In May, Clark and I took our kids camping near Bryce Canyon so that we could see the solar eclipse. The kids were all covered in red dirt the entire time and all three of mine pooped their pants within an hour or so of each other, but the experience was worth it.
  5. In June, Clark and I moved in together. Probably the most significant New Thing of the year. 
  6. In July, I was in a musical, My Fair Lady, thanks largely to Clark's support and encouragement.
Clark (reading over my shoulder) says he sees a common theme here. Do you?

Hint: The secret is not that Clark and I joined a team of assassins.

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