Friday, August 17, 2012

Keeping It In The Family

As I've mentioned before, Clark and I have decided not to tell our children yet that we are in a relationship. As far as they know, we're roommates. This is mainly for the benefit of his children, who don't know yet that he's gay, and who would likely make such knowledge known to all of Smallville if they did (they're kids, and kids don't keep secrets, nor should they be expected to). Mine know that I'm gay, but we figured it's best not to tell them about Clark and me because they can't be expected to keep a secret from his kids anymore than his kids can be expected to keep a secret from everyone else.

That said, children are observant. The following conversation took place between my nine-year-old, S-Boogie, and me last week:
S-Boogie: Is it legal to marry your step-brother or step-sister?
Mr. Fob: I don't know, it probably depends on what state you're in. But you probably wouldn't want to, because if you grew up with them then you'd feel like they're your brother or sister.
S-Boogie: So P-Bibby [S-Boogie's sister] probably won't want to marry Charles [Clark's son]. Because he's kind of like her brother.
Mr. Fob: No, probably not.
S-Boogie: And Little Dude [her brother] won't want to marry Wisp [Clark's daughter].
Mr. Fob: Nope.
S-Boogie: Hm... But it's okay to marry your roommate, right?
Mr. Fob (with a big smile): Yes, yes it is.
So yeah, basically she knows. I still won't confirm it for her unless she outright asks me, because she's less likely to share speculation than a known fact, but I'm glad she's figuring out things on her own, because eventually we will tell them all, and I'd rather it not come as a shock. Ideally, the progression from Dad's roommate to Dad's partner/husband/whatever will seem natural to the kids, not like a major change for them to digest all at once.

Also, I hope that none of my children marries one of their step-siblings. Because they did that in one of the Brady Bunch movies, and it sort of ruined the Brady Bunch for me. Because ew.

But not as ew as admitting that the only thing stopping you from marrying your underage cousin is Kryptonian law. 

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